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Ladies! 5 Reasons why you should have a partner



Having already detailed a few reasons why you need to remain single read here,
We also made a list of 5 Reasons why you should have a partner to balance the equation 🙂 take a peek below :-

1. It’s very natural that women are made to be dependent, from the inception of the world women are made to be attached to a male entity. So for dependency reasons, ladies and young girls should endeavor to attach themselves to a worthy partner to avoid breaking that rule of nature.

2. Ladies who are single tend to have a very lonely and perhaps miserable life, they get infuriated at the slightest chance and this makes ladies of such category to kvetch and complain at any given chance.

3.Female folks are known to be more emotional entities than their male counterparts, to satisfy a lady’s emotional needs, a partner is needed.

4.Preparation for marriage is a vital reason why ladies should never remain single and wait for marriage. Having a partner prepares and gets you ready for marriage, here it’s all about learning to love, tolerate and accept male individuals based on your own discretion. It’s just like going to high school prepares you for life at the college.

5. This should be the most controversial point of all, as it is based on different opinions, religion and cultures. Some cultures and religion are against pre-marital sex but in recent times this opinions have changed and religious views on this have been diversified. Well for opinion majority sake, sexual needs is a reason why you should have a partner, the human body can hardly resist some form of sexual desires and ladies, having a partner makes you avoid situations of one night stands, and other artificial methods of sexual satisfaction, I said natural ways of sexual satisfaction is and have always been the best.