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Top 5 factors that influences the marriage of a typical Nigerian girl



One out of every 10 Nigerian marriages is love sprung. That leaves one but to wonder what marriage is after all if not a union between two lovers. The trend has changed in this part of the country at least of which I know pretty much and in case you’re still wondering or already know why this is so, take a look at the below mentioned reasons.

1. Money: this has got to be the top on the list because of the very obvious reasons. An average Nigerian girl will literally do anything for money. Date for money, double date for money, triple date for money and yes also compromise her body for money in the commerce world. Probably they would stop at nothing to marry even for money. Let’s blame it on the situation of things in the country and we will apparently be making a fool of out of our common senses.

2. Age Factor: when an average Nigerian girl clocks 20, the marriage craze sets in. This is one factor that is actually hard to understand, they feel they are already aging and with constant phobia of there time passing, they tend to be attracted to any rich guy, man or even a small baby who is ready to get married and there they go, married off yet again for the wrong reasons.

3. Parents: This pair of individuals play a heavy role in the marriage choice of their daughter. They either do this by support, disapproval or and pressure. The parents might do this by a few subtle but obvious means of which includes reminding their daughter of their selfish craving for a grandchild, constantly reminding their daughter of how old she is and then probably without shame reminding the daughter of how much they need a rich Son-In-Law who would take care of her other siblings and change their current financial status. You see those in Nollywood right? Still happens!

4. Friends: this group of people are known to have an average of 45% influence on a girls love life and relationship. Ladies are a lot influenced by female friends who always seem to know more than they do on every issue. Marriage can be counted outside the box here.

5. Love/Lust: it could be love or lust I think they fall in same category. Had to merge the two so the 5 point count wouldn’t be exceeded 😉 I think the latter is a more positive one. I ain’t got nothing to say here.